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S IPpulse Plataform’s design based on a modular approach, offers significant implementation flexibility yielding a seamless adaptation to market segments and expansion.

Running over CENT OS, built with JAVA EE and using MySQL as its database, and based on modern telecommunications concepts, it it’s a perfect match for both low and high volume transaction companies adopting a NGN architecture.

There are five main components to SIPPulse solutions:

1. Proxy Server: which manages call signaling and routing, based on SIP concepts. SIPPulse’s unique design stores signaling and routing rules on cache memory, delivering higher efficiency over the whole call handling process;

2. Relay Server: which handles media packages. Media packages are managed by an algorithm developed by SIPPulse, which allows media to be handles only on manager-defined calls, or by automatically detecting need for media handling, reducing the demand for media processing and augmenting even further the environment efficiency. Relay Server will also manage basic media services, such as voice mail, and recording (if activated).

3. Application Server: which handles billing and management, reseller and user interfaces, alongside with several other leading edge features developed by SIPPulse. The Application Server also deliver s over 90 built in APIs fear easier and faster integration with an ERP and/or CRM system. This way, marketing and finance teams can managed user related matters though you own existing systems, while the operation team focus on SIPPulse´s interface;

4. Database Server, stores relevant system management and operational data. By design, fully integrated with the cache based design, the database server provides several online real-time operational reporting, Along with the multi-domain capabilities embedded on the Application Server, Database Server will allow creation of separate business instance for you operation;

5. Media Server manages all advanced media functions used for PBX services. Only activated for private networks or for hosted PBX services (requires multi-domain modules to be activated.

Complementing the softswitch solution, the following modules can be configured, at implementation time, or latter if business requires:

• Reseller

• Topology Hiding

• Multi-domain

The modules above cannot be implemented individually; however, they can be added or expanded individually as your business expands. Complementing the sofswitch engine, SIPPulse also offers:

• SBC: which handles border management and can be configured in 2 functions: Front-end, connecting your customers in to you network acting as a “firewall” and Back-end providing SIP truncking with other carriers. Both configurations will provide topology hiding and transcoding (specific CODECs must be added);

• Recorder: which provide management defined recording resources (compatible with SIPPulse only);

• TFPS: provides online real time fraud detection services for international traffic pumping hacking; TFPS is compatible with most systems which supports SIP Redirect;

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