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SIPpulse solutions were desiggned and built to suppot scalable business operations, supporting small VoIP services providers to large wholesale operators, to multi region PSTN operators. The system will suporte both vertical (volume based growth) expantion and horizontal (new services offering).

SIPPulse development is based on IETF RFC 3261 standards allowind seamless signaling integration. Its signaling based design provides a perfect environment for high volume operations, suporting up to 200 Calls Attempts per Second, 5.000 concurrent calls and up to 50.000 active registered subscribers.

Nominal capacity however will depend on several factors, including but not limitted to route qualitiy, ASR, CFR, route schmea processing capacity and other factors external to SIPPulse.

SIPPulse solution can be implemented on a stand alone environment or redundant mode. Redundant operations will have an impact on operational performance and licensing costs.

The solutions requires LINUX CENT OS 6.3 or 6.4 and MySQL data base. Hardware configuration will depend on operational factors. Smaller operations can be implemented on a single server.


Calls Atempt Per Secont 200
Busy hour call attempts (BHCA) 180 000
Calls in parallel(per Proxy) 3.000
RTP sessions in paralelo(per server) 1.000
Calls in parallel. Advanced Media and Recorder 120
Subscribers (inactiver/registered) Unlimited/50.000
Monthly traffic in minutes over 20.000.000
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