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How it works

S IPPulse offers its customers 2 level of support services. Basic suport services cover technical (TECNHICAL) events related to product malfunction or bugs, exclusivelly caused by one of our prodcuts. In addition to TECHNICAL support, SIPPulse offers functional support services, which offers assisted support services covering events not related to product malfunction, but otherwise problemes which origiin is related to other components in your network or evem when your team has a functional question to be addressed.

TECHNICAL events are qualified acording to its severity (impact on operations) and will follow a pre-established and standard SLA. Critical events (Those with widespread impact on your operations) are covered 24 hours per day, seven days a week). Events of lesser severity will be answered on business hours (Brazil Time). Shall the custome require non business hours assistance for low severity events, it will be subject to additinal services fees. TECHNICAL support includes 2 hours of functional support per month.

FUNCTIONAL events, which exceeds the courtesy 2 hours covered by basic TECHNICAL support services, will be charged an additional services fee, upon customer approval. SIPPulse offers extra FUNCTIONAL support services through our Assisted Operations Support Services.

Tracker System

Events should be registeres at our Tracker System. As you register an event, the system will generate a ticket and forward the event to our support team, which will act to address the reported issue. You will be notified upon any interaction entrered by our team. Tracker system is available 7 days a week, 24 hors a day. Upon notification of an event, our team will verify the qualification entered in teh system (type and severity). It is important that you enter the proper qualification and any evidence associated to the event in order to expedite resolution.

Product Upgrade

All prodcut upgrades and updates, functional or technical, will be made availabe to all our customes with an active contract at no extra licencing cost. As soon as a new release is made available our customers will be notified and will receive a copy of the licenced producst, release notes and product manual. Upon request, SIPPulse will assist our customers on updating their environment. Update Services will be subject to additional Services Fees.

Active Monitoring

For all Contracts signed after November 2014, and under customer authorization, SIPPulse will monitor proccessing environment and SIPPulse Software for abnormal situations. Such monitoring will allow us to more efficiently conduct analysis of events that might lead to the loss of SIPPulse Software efficiency. Any action need over the operationl enviornment will remain our custmers responsibility. SIPPulse team will not take any action over our customer environment.

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