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IP Telephony Fraud Prevention System

T FPS (Telephony Fraud Prevention System) is a solution designed to help companies fight IP telephony hacking, a growing problem since telephone and internet came together.

TFPS is an inovative solution designed to analize susected phone calls as it occurs, becoming the first solution to prevent fraud before it happens.

The system works to prevent internationa traffic pumping fraud, one of the fastes growing schema which directly affects thousands of end users worldwide. The system acts on rules that youe phone services manager can set plus a series of colaborative algorithms developed by SIPPulse to evaluate calls as they are placed.

The system will analize only calls that will pose interest to fraudster, reducing system overhead end augmenting its efficiency.

Management Rules

Managers can set rules such as time of call, destination, duration, call originator, quantity of parallel calls, and others. System will automatically block any call which matches management criteria.

Colaborative Algorithm

Once manager rules are checked, the system will also analie aspects such us call origin, call signature, call destination and call behaiviour. Each result is then stored at a colaborative database, which will be used to analize futrue call.

System runs on a cloud based services, with over 98% availability.

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