One of the most complex aspects of a telephone company is its billing. It is one of the areas where companies have the greatest difficulty due to complexity. Multiple plans, with different deductibles per plan and often per item, make accurate billing difficult and generate many conflicts. Most ERP platforms on the market do not support this level of detail. BCORE is a BSS (Business Support System) that was created to assist companies in billing for operators. The system improves financial management, offers personalized telephone plans, tiered pricing, inclusion of consumption deductibles and a Numbering Inventory module.

Target Markets

Ideal for STFC/SCM telephone companies

Solves challenges applying complex telephony billing business rules

It also serves companies that wish to carry out an accurate numbering inventory to be made available in CRM

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Important Features

Intelligent Automation

Our system operates in perfect sync with SoftSwitch, importing tickets and customer details. After a basic configuration of contracts and plans, billing occurs automatically, saving time and minimizing errors.

Transparency and Total Control

We provide detailed consumption statements for a transparent view of expenses and activities. This essential information can be accessed via CRM and, through our intuitive API, you can extract data and generate invoices with ease.

Numbering Inventory Module

Additionally, our BCORE system offers an extra module for numbering inventory. Available ranges are automatically generated, validating the information in the ABR tables and within the platform itself, ensuring efficient and accurate management of telephone numbers.

Advanced Customization

We offer the flexibility to customize phone plans to meet your customers' unique needs. Provide a tailored experience, increasing customer satisfaction and building loyalty to your brand.


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