Session Border Controller – SBC

The SBC, also known as Session Border Controller, is an extremely important component in many markets. It is an element of security and adaptation between one network and another. Our SBC has several implementation methods and models. SipPulse offers personalized SBC options tailored to your company's needs. Our difference is our technical team specialized in SIP solutions, capable of meeting the strictest specifications.

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SBC Target Markets

SipPulse's Session Border Controller targets the markets below and custom products have been created for each segment. Segments have different forms of licensing and unique features. Our biggest difference at SBC is the design and implementation. There are many SBCs on the market, but few experts capable of recommending, designing and implementing the correct solution for your company. A third of our SBCs are customized to the client's case. O SBC market It's not big and custom solutions are very common.

Wholesale telephone operators and STFC, SBC-NNI product

Virtual PBX service providers, SBC-UNI

Contact Center companies, SBC-NNI product

Key benefits and application methods of Session Border Controller

Session Border Controller screenshots

Important Session Border Controller Features

Allows load balancing of Asterisk and FreeSwitch servers

Supports connection to Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Supports SIP-I connection, tested and approved in VIVO, TEAM and EBRATEL

Ease of configuration through the use of pipes, each operator on one side has an associated port on the other

Using profiles to simplify customer manipulations

Operation in SIP Proxy and B2BUA Mode

UDP, TCP, TLS, WSS protocols

WebRTC to SIP conversion with WSS and DTLS-SRTP support

Topology Hiding

Protection against SQL Injection, Anti-Fraud, Denial of Service

Serial, balanced, cost and quality routing

Lowest Cost Routing


Special projects

Connection to anti-fraud server for advanced fraud prevention


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