Launched more than ten years ago, SipPulse SoftSwitch is a family of high-performance and robust products, aimed at the telephone operator market with STFC grant, for wholesale operators that need a large volume of calls and resilience and for Contact Centers that need to add routing, pricing, recording and analytics capabilities to their operations.

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Target Markets

The SipPulse softswitch targets the markets below and custom products have been created for each segment. Segments have different forms of licensing and unique features.

Wholesale telephone operators, PCRT-SCM product

Telephone operators with STFC grant, PCRT-STFC product

Contact Center companies, PCRT-CRT product

Ways to apply the softswitch

Understand the benefits of this solution:

SoftSwitch screenshots

SipPulse's SoftSwitch is currently installed in more than 200 operators and Contact Centers

Important SoftSwitch Features

Operation in SIP Proxy and B2BUA Mode

UDP, TCP, TLS, WSS protocols

Topology Hiding

Authentication by IP, Password, IP+TechPrefix, IP+ANI, IP+CLI

Protection against SQL Injection, Anti-Fraud

Serial, balanced, cost and quality routing

STFC automatic routing / Portability

Offline operation without database

Anatel / Aneel reports

Support for collect calls

Prepaid and postpaid pricing

Detraf Generation

Real Time Monitoring

Protection against SQL Injection, Anti-Fraud

Serial, balanced, cost and quality routing


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Ordering information


On-Premise – With hardware installed in your Datacenter

Cloud – Hosted in a TIER3 AWS, AZURE or ORACLE datacenter


SSW-STFC – STFC Operators – License per user and DID

SSW-CRT – SCM Operators – Simultaneous call license

SSW – CC – Contact Center License per simultaneous call


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Indefinite license

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