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Solutions for Service Providers We offer telecommunications network infrastructure

We develop software for small, medium and large telephony service providers, providing the technical support necessary to leverage the service of these companies.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable

We operate in the STFC, wholesale VOIP and private markets, for wide-range networks

More than 200 service providers support their growth on SIPPulse platforms

We bring together innovations that are identified as trends for the coming years by Gartner

Analytics, AI, ML & RPA

Low-code/no-code tools & data use, data fabric

Cloud native tools / multi-cloud / XaaS

Cyber-security & privacy

Remote & hybrid work

Automation & hyper-automation



We work with the entire scope of OSS (operational support systems) and the billing part of BSS (commercial support systems) in fixed telephony.

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Gateways (SBC)

ITX (interconnect | SIP-I)

Technology that allows connection between different operator networks. Uses the SIP-I language.

Termination (SIP)

The termination performs the same function as the interconnection, but it can identify whether the call was answered by a mailbox - and if this is the case, it hangs up, without returning it to the PA (answering position).
Uses the SIP language.

Special services

Products that allow public calling with a conversion gateway. They make it possible to join a Zoom or Teams call, for example, via the public telephone network.

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Partner services

BDO (Operational Database)

Anatel predicts that all operators need to have the BDO module, for number portability. The BDO is integrated into the softswitch.

Telephony APIs

More than 100 APIs available for integration with ERP and CRM systems. Among them are:

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