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SipPulse's UBC Unified Business Communication platform is a Contact Center and business communication solution in constant evolution, standing out as a sophisticated option available on the market. SipPulse is at the forefront of communication 3.0, going beyond the conventional. By incorporating artificial intelligence resources, we provide not just interactions, but experiences enriched with context, increasing the efficiency of communications. We are paving the way to the future of business communication, where technology becomes a fundamental ally to boost productivity and the quality of interactions.

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Contact Center Target Markets

The software targets the markets below and customized products have been created for each segment. Segments have different forms of licensing and unique features.

Telephone operators that intend to offer CCaaS – Contact Center as a Service

Telephone operators that intend to offer UCaaS – Unified Communications as a Service

Active and inbound call center service provider companies

Large companies looking to automate their inbound or sales operations

Ways to apply the Contact Center

Understand the benefits of this solution:

Contact Center screenshots

Important Contact Center Features

User-friendly graphical interface for administration

Android and IOS clients available

Multi-company, also known as multi-tenant

Real-time control dashboards

Multi-server Service Queue in Cluster

Answer calls and more in your browser with WebRTC

Speak through the integrated chat with your internal user base

Manage your contacts by creating and sharing them with others

Creation, Management and Control of Breaks

Creation, Management and Control of Work Schedule

Use tabs in your calls to facilitate contextualization

Have the information at your fingertips with different reports

Aneel and Anatel standard reports, among others

Enhanced security against SQL Injection, Anti-Fraud, DOS

SIP protocol over UDP, TCP, TLS and WSS

PUSH notification for mobile clients

Next-generation CODECs like OPUS and AMR for mobile

restful integration APIs

BLF and trading desk support

Automated service with URA Low Code / No Code

Text to Speech and Speech Recognition feature


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