SipPulse Analytics

SipPulse Analytics is a Business Intelligence and Insights platform designed to improve the management of your telephony operation. It offers a comprehensive historical statistical analysis of various factors essential for monitoring the operation. Furthermore, it is constantly synchronized with real-time operation, which allows immediate alerts for critical points, such as compliance with ANATEL regulations and system maintenance in general. It can also be used as an Operational Support System as it allows data to be received from all elements and consolidated into dashboards. 

SipPulse Analytics

What does SipPulse Analytics do?

The platform stores time series in a specialized database and offers a friendly and intuitive interface that allows the user to explore various panels and dashboards. This makes it possible to filter data at different levels, from a broad view of the entire operation (to the display of specific information for a gateway or for a system user.

Additionally, it allows you to adjust the time window and the granularity of the interval, which makes it possible to customize the data grouping period. This functionality is valuable for identifying patterns and errors on both a macro and micro scale of the operation.


The SipPulse Analytics platform incorporates an alert system, the configuration of which is based on your business specifications. As an example, suppose you establish a usage quota for each account. In this context, it is feasible to determine that an email notification is triggered when the daily usage limit reaches 80%. This context also applies to the telephony rules established by ANATEL, which, therefore, helps to avoid substantial losses resulting from fines and notifications.

Additionally, the system can issue alerts based on monitoring the operational infrastructure, thus preventing interruptions caused by problems related to disk or memory usage.


In addition to the graphs pre-defined by the Sippulse team, the platform offers great flexibility, enabling the quick and easy creation of new dashboards and filters. This means the platform adapts to your business needs, not the other way around, ensuring you can customize and continually optimize your analytics and monitoring experience effectively.

This agility empowers your team to make more informed decisions and keep up with dynamic changes in your business environment.

SipPulse Analytics Access Control

The platform facilitates user creation and management, allowing you to assign restricted access to dashboards and alerts according to the specific needs of your business. In other words, only authorized users will have access to the charts.


The Sippulse Analytics tool is constantly improving, aiming to provide the best perspectives to measure and support decision-making in telephony operations.

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