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SipPulse has a complete line of Call Center systems. For active Call Centers we have a call classifier and predictive dialer. On the receptive side we have a complete system with IVR, ACD, agent control and management. Finally, in the management area, we have SoftSwitch capable of routing, recording and pricing thousands of calls per second.

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Call Center systems infrastructure


We work with the entire scope of OSS (operational support systems) and the billing part of BSS (commercial support systems) in fixed telephony.

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Call Center Systems (SBC)

ITX (interconnect | SIP-I)

Technology that allows connection between different operator networks. Uses the SIP-I language. Dramatically reduces interconnection costs

Termination (SIP)

The termination performs the same function as the interconnection, but it can identify whether the call was answered by a mailbox - and if this is the case, it hangs up, without returning it to the PA (answering position).
Uses the SIP language.

Special services

Products that allow public calling with a conversion gateway. They make it possible to join a Zoom or Teams call, for example, via the public telephone network. Allows you to adjust the caller ID to the operation.

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Inbound call center system

It has a cognitive automatic response unit with AI, Automatic call distribution, Service Queue, Agent Control. Supports WebRTC for distributed Call Centers.

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Telephony APIs

More than 100 APIs available for integration with ERP and CRM systems.

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