The URA, SipPulse's automatic response unit, has become so smart that we changed its name to NIVA (Neural Intelligent Virtual Assistant). It represents a significant evolution beyond a conventional URA (Audible Response Unit). This innovative virtual assistant employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence to answer calls, offering users an interactive and intuitive experience. This combination harmonizes the speed and simplicity of the heuristic with the depth and sophistication of cognitive processing.

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How NIVA’s IVR works

The integration of IVR with advanced technologies allows a significant number of calls to be answered automatically, thus reducing dependence on human operators. Furthermore, NIVA is not just a visual IVR, but a robust platform developed by SipPulse, equipped with advanced functionalities. It includes block-based programming, access to APIs and webhooks, and integration with popular tools like Zapier and Integromat. The platform also offers integration with SMS and WhatsApp, further expanding the possibilities for communication and customer engagement.

Target Markets

The Visual IVR is multi-company, making it very adaptable to service providers, which is why its main markets are:

Contact Center Companies

Telephone companies and virtual PBX

Banks and Utilities

Ways to apply IVR

Understand the benefits of this solution:


Important Features

SIP protocol support on UDP/TCP and TLS transports

Support for TDM networks through gateway (not included)

High-quality neural text-to-speech generation

Speech recognition in Brazilian Portuguese with high assertiveness

Cache in text-to-speech generation reducing license consumption

State-of-the-art user-friendly graphical interface

Access to all SIP and environment variables

High call capacity per server and load balancing for more complex loads

Open API architecture

Call handover through transfer (REFER or REDIRECT)

24/7 Support

Integração da URA com APIs

Integration with APIs

The Visual IVR Allows Integration with any Restful API

Acesso a variáveis na URA Visual

Variables and conditional jumps

Use any environment, channel, or other node variables

URA Multitenant


The Multitenant IVR allows the provision of services to third parties


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