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The CPA Call Classifier – Call Progress Analysis is the intelligent solution that revolutionizes the operation of your call center. It maximizes efficiency and minimizes time wasted on unproductive calls. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the system is capable of identifying unproductive calls, often before they are even answered. Our accuracy is 99.9% of calls. Furthermore, the classifier runs in containers allowing elastic loads and greater efficiency in the use of hardware. This way, our product allows your team to focus on real customer interactions. It is worth highlighting the classifier's graphical management interface, unique on the market.

Imagem de entrada do classificador de chamadas

Call Classifier Target Markets

Since the government issued the precautionary measure against abusive calls to regulate the Contact Center market, the call classifier has become essential. He is able to detect before care most PO boxes. Without an efficient call classifier, it is not possible to run a telemarketing or billing operation efficiently without running the risk of heavy fines. Together with Analytics, we help companies control short and abusive calls. 

Service Centers and Call Centers

Telemarketing, customer support, sales, billing and other companies.

Financial Services Companies

They can use call classifiers to optimize customer service, detect fraudulent calls.

Financial Services Companies

Telecommunications service providers can use call classifiers to complete calls efficiently and improve service quality.

Ways to apply the call classifier

Classificador de Chamadas

Understand the benefits of this solution:

Call classifier screenshots

Important Features

Classification using machine learning and AI

Call Classification in Early Media

Configurable detection codes

Microservices Architecture

Load balancing and elasticity

Real-time dashboard of operations

Operation in SIP Proxy and B2BUA Mode

SIP/UDP and SIP/TCP protocols

Topology Hiding

IP authentication


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