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Telephone services: boost your company's communication

Optimize your company's telephone service with SIPPulse solutions. We have solutions for companies of all sizes and segments.

Research shows that more than 40% of Brazilians opt for the telephone when they need to contact the companies' SAC.

Despite the growth of digital channels, the telephone is still the priority for many consumers when it comes to answering a question, making a purchase or solving a problem. Improving your phone services can save time, increase customer satisfaction and result in more purchases of your products and services.

UBC Platform (Virtual Call Center)

Voip system that works in the cloud and allows you to automate telephone resources and save on calls. It is a telephone exchange that distributes the VoIP number across several extensions, expanding service capacity.

The Virtual PBX can be contracted in two ways:


Recommended for SMEs that want to provide electronic assistance (URA) to improve team efficiency, such as a medical clinic or a small e-commerce.

Some of the features are:


The CIRRUS Virtual PBX is aimed at larger companies. Includes all STRATUS functionalities and other benefits:

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