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Welcome to the forefront of communications innovation with our next-generation Cloud PBX solution, meticulously designed for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs). Our multi-ISP, multi-tenant platform revolutionizes the way businesses connect, offering unparalleled reliability, scalability and flexibility. By leveraging the power of the cloud, we empower ITSPs to deliver exceptional voice services to their customers with ease. Experience seamless integration, robust features, and superior voice quality, all while enjoying the profitability and efficiency of a cloud-based infrastructure. Choose our Cloud PBX to elevate your phone services and redefine connectivity in the digital age. This product was previously known as WeHostVoIP

âncora para sistemas para call center

Virtual PBX Target Markets

This software is intended exclusively for the telephone provider market that already has call termination. It is provided to be installed on the customer's structure or in the Cloud.

Ways to apply the Contact Center

Understand the benefits of this solution:

Virtual PBX screenshots

Important Cloud PBX Features

User-friendly graphical interface for administration

Android and IOS clients available

Multi-company, also known as multi-tenant

Real-time control dashboards

Allows three levels of hierarchy, Multi-ISP and Multi-Tenant

Answer calls and more in your browser with WebRTC

SIP protocol over UDP, TCP, TLS and WSS

Enhanced security against SQL Injection, Anti-Fraud, DOS

Have the information at your fingertips with different reports

PUSH notification for mobile clients

Next-generation CODECs like OPUS and AMR for mobile

restful integration APIs

BLF and trading desk support

Automated service with URA Low Code / No Code

Text to Speech and Speech Recognition feature

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