Predictive Dialer

SipPulse Predictive Call Dialer is an advanced solution designed to optimize and automate calling processes, increasing the efficiency of telemarketing, customer support and business communications operations. It checks the current status of service queues and generates dials statistically with the aim of maximizing spoken time and minimizing the number of abandoned calls.

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Generate detailed reports on call performance, including response rate, average call duration, and conversions.

Easily connect to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to access relevant customer information during calls.

Set specific times to automatically place calls, ensuring compliance with regulations and policies.

The dialer has native integration with our Contact Center Platform – UBC and URA, facilitating call delivery.

Predictive Dialer Target Market

According to Industry Research The predictive dialer market is expected to reach $17B by 2028. The target market for a predictive dialer is diverse and can serve a wide range of industries and companies that rely on call center operations or voice communications. 

Service Centers and Call Centers

Telemarketing, customer support, sales, billing and other companies.

Financial Services Companies

They may use dialers for their billing activities and customer communication.

Telecom service providers

Telecommunications service providers can use dialers to complete calls efficiently.

Ways to apply the predictive dialer

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Understand the benefits of a predictive dialer


Important Features

Integration with service queue

Integration with URA

Real-time dashboard 

SIP Protocol

Integration with call classifier for maximum efficiency


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