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Ticketing, Dynamic Routing, Class V and more for SCM providers

The growing market demand for voice over IP services has offered SCM and ISP service providers new business opportunities. To support your company in exploring VoIP services efficiently, economically and with excellent quality, we have developed the SIPPulse Starterpack.

SIPPulse Starterpack It has the ideal size and features for those just starting out, or even for companies that already offer these services in their own environment or even based on unsupported solutions, but need to expand their operations in a consistent and reliable way.

With the advantage of being scalable, both vertically and horizontally – allowing the volume of your business to grow with the same quality, reliability and in an economically scalable way, and at the same time making it possible to add complementary services with other modules in the SIPPulse family – the Starterpack It can be configured for a volume ranging from 250,000 minutes/month to 500,000 thousand minutes/month, and is offered under special conditions.

SIPPulse solutions are developed over the SIP protocol, following the RFC guidelines approved by the IETF, which is today the most modern and efficient way of managing media connectivity, being adopted and becoming a de facto standard by most telecommunications operators in the world. Its operational model, where the central system only handles call signaling and not the media traffic itself, allows for an efficient and cheap way of connecting media, making use of the extensive broadband communication network available on the market.

Operating in the Internet world, security is a critical issue. To combat fraud, SIPPulse solutions implement a series of traffic management, user authentication and credit control features that help your company combat and prevent fraud.

To support your company's financial performance, the billing and credit control functions incorporate a series of resources that allow timely control of the use of approved resources, including for prepaid environments. The system also implements a series of resources for handling “stuck calls”


Starterpack can be configured with the following functions:

  • Dynamic Routing
  • Pre and Postpaid Ticketing
  • Automatic NAT Detection
  • Advanced Security
  • Class V Services (voice box, follow me)
  • I18N
  • Unique Domain
  • Administrative Portal
  • Integration API (SOAP Based)

Developed on the JAVA Enterprise platform, the SIPPulse platform provides integration APIs based on standard SOAP web services, compatible with most market technologies, facilitating integration with ERP and CRM systems. Thus, managing your users, sales and tariff plans, and billing can be done in just one place. Once the initial SIPPulse environment has been configured, the manager's iteration with this environment will be restricted to issues of call routing and gateway configuration.
The Starter Pack also works with the SBC and ATI Services, configured separately.

To see the technical Datasheet in the Solution Click here .

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