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Query number portability with redundancy

Redundância da Portabilidade Numérica

Redundant server for number portability

Aiming to reduce the possibility of problems when querying number portability for automatic operator identification, ATI also has an efficient redundancy system. This system guarantees greater reliability and service availability, crucial to maintaining the continuity of commercial operations and customer satisfaction.

The primary server, port.sippulse.com, is located in a high-tech data center in Brazil. This server is optimized to provide fast and reliable performance. The secondary server, port2.sippulse.com, is located in an international data center, strategically positioned to isolate and mitigate regional network or service problems. This configuration of servers in different locations ensures greater system resilience in the face of interruptions or localized failures.

To configure query redundancy for automatic operator identification on your PBX, the process is simple and requires only two fundamental steps:

Step 1: Create a new SIP trunk in your telephone exchange. This trunk must have the same data as the main trunk, only changing the domain from port.sippulse to port2.sippulse.com. This action ensures that queries are automatically redirected to the secondary server in the event of a primary server failure.

Step 2: After creating this new SIP trunk, it must be selected as the second option in the route that forwards calls to the ATI. This ensures that queries are handled efficiently and without interruptions, even in adverse situations.

Furthermore, we reiterate our commitment to offering quality technical support at an affordable cost. For any questions about the configuration or functionality of redundancy in the Automatic Carrier Identification (ATI) query, our team is ready to assist you. Contact us at 48 3332-8560, or by email at ati@sippulse.com, for personalized assistance and detailed guidance.

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