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What is a softswitch and what is it for?


Softswitch Definition

A softswitch is a type of telephone exchange in telecommunications networks that operates based on software, instead of using the specific and proprietary hardware of old circuit switching exchanges.

It works on physical or virtualized network servers and has the function of connecting telephone calls between users or between different centers on the network.

Generally, the softswitch is used to manage calls made over the internet, known as VoIP (Voice over IP), but it can also work with systems that mix old and modern technologies.

What are the main features of Softswitch?

Call Routing Features:

The softswitch manages call establishment, routing, billing, and call termination on telephone networks.

Interoperability between Networks:

It facilitates interconnection between traditional telephone networks (such as circuit-switched telephone networks – PSTN) and IP-based networks (such as VoIP).

Main Use Cases

Voice over IP (VoIP) Services: One of the main uses of the softswitch is in VoIP service providers, where it manages voice calls over IP networks.

Network Convergence: Telecommunications companies use it to integrate traditional telephone networks with modern IP-based networks, facilitating the transition to more advanced technologies.

Call Centers: Softswitches are essential in call center environments, especially those that use IP-based solutions for communication.

Teleconference Services: Are used to manage and control teleconference calls, which may include participants from traditional and IP-based telephone networks.

Messaging Systems Integration: In addition to voice calls, some softswitches can manage text and multimedia messages over a telecommunications network.

Residential and Business Telephony Services: They allow operators to offer fixed telephone services over IP networks, with advanced features such as caller identification, voicemail, and call routing.

Mobile Networks: In mobile networks, softswitches play a role in interconnecting calls between cellular networks and other networks.


The softswitch is a key technology in the world of telecommunications, playing a crucial role in the transition from traditional telephone systems to more modern and efficient IP-based infrastructures.

Its flexibility, ability to support multiple protocols, and ability to integrate different types of networks make it a valuable tool for telecommunications operators, VoIP service providers, and companies that depend on robust communications.

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